Leadership Qualities

All great leaders possess similar qualities that have been essential to the success they have found. Every leader has their own style that is unique to them and the field they are in, but there are a few traits that are found in every leader. These traits are the foundation to success and are found in every different niches and settings. Read on to see what all the greats have had in common and how you stack up!


Leadership requires a great deal of patience. There will be extremely difficult situations, setbacks, and general things that get in the way of progress. The best things to be able to do in this tough situations is to remain patient and clear headed to work through them. Patience provides a sense of clarity that does not happen if you’re too impatient to let the dust settle.


Another trait found in all great leaders is accountability. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is willing to take full responsibility for them. Strong leaders not only hold themselves accountable, they try to repair the situation. Your accountability is a model for those who look to you for guidance. It provides the precedent for how everyone should conduct themselves in the workplace.


A leader needs to be confident, even in situation where they do not feel extremely confident. If you are not able to be confident, how can anyone else following your guidance be confident in what they do? Leading by example, especially when it comes to how you hold yourself, is often the best way to lead.


Not everyone can look at a situation objectively and see the cause and effect behind it. It’s a hard skill to teach as well. Insight is a soft skill that comes natural to a select few people. It’s also vital for a leader. Using insight makes tough situations a little more bearable and can result in faster solutions. Leaders who look at every situation from different vantage points are more successful in hitting goals.

Positive Attitude

Finally, being a positive minded person makes the difference between an effective leader and an ineffective one. You cannot force someone to be positive or teach someone how to keep their head held high in defeating situations. Great leaders get past the toughest of situations with positivity and knowing that the hard work their team puts in will lead to success. Being in a good mindset helps make the job easier. You also get more out of something you do with a positive head on your shoulders.