About Lloyd Claycomb II

United Builders Service, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Lloyd Claycomb II. Today, he serves as Chairman and CEO

United Builders Service, Inc. is a drywall construction company that handles structural and nonstructural metal stud framing, drywall and acoustical grid ceilings. Since conception in 1978, United Builders Inc. has completed over 50,000 single and multi-family units and hundreds of commercial projects. They have successfully completed production of nearly every type of new construction imaginable: government facilities such as prisons and schools as well as small track homes, ultra-luxury 15,000 ft. customs, tenant finish projects from high-end offices to restaurants, hotels, office buildings, churches, hospitals, assisted living facilities, large 600+ unit apartment and condo buildings.

Lloyd Claycomb II’s company, United Builders Service, Inc., takes pride in their work as well as relationships with clients and venders. They have established reputable and long standing relationships with material suppliers, banking, insurance and bonding institutions.

Lloyd Claycomb II began his professional career at 16, working as a grip for a Hollywood production studio. He later moved to the Denver area with his father, who was in the early stages of establishing a construction company. After taking up smaller jobs within the company, completing his schooling, and traveling to Mexico to learn Spanish and open an English school, Lloyd returned to the United States and to the world of construction.

After returning to the United States, Lloyd served in similar roles to those he had held prior to his departure. However, over time he was promoted to superintendent of the company. Eventually, he moved up once again, this time to the role of Vice President. He ran the division in this capacity for several years, overseeing drywall work and general contracting. He became the company’s Executive President after that, and later he made his final move to company President.

The success of Lloyd’s company has given him the opportunity to be involved in charitable endeavors. In fact, along with his wife Karen, Lloyd has worked with many charitable and educational organizations throughout the world.

Lloyd Claycomb is an active member of the community and the greater world at large. He has held board positions with Our Children International, Marantha International Volunteers, Design Builders of Montana, AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc. and the Grand Canyon State Bank.

Lloyd Claycomb II is a husband, father of two grown children and a grandfather. He has served his community as a Reserve Deputy and was the first reserve officer to train and certify a K-9. He also is a jet pilot and has totaled more than 5000 hours flying time in assorted aircraft.